About unitenow

uniteNow is a broad based group that was formed during the 2011 UNITE General Secretary election.

Drawing support primarily, but by no means exclusively, from the former Amicus section, we also believe that we have a great future if we get it right, but to do this we must put away our divisions and consolidate all the strengths of the former Amicus and T&G sections. We have a unique opportunity to do this and uniteNOW is intent on releasing the true potential of our great union.

As a group we have a clear set of policies aimed at realising this goal and we intend to pursue these going forward. These policies draw on our Statement of Principles and Intentâ„¢ for their inspiration, and this document that can be found on this website.

We believe that these principles and intentions will strengthen and benefit the union, and enhance the interests of UNITE members in the workplace and society as a whole. We intend to pursue these policies in all the decision making bodies of the union, such as the Sector, Regional and Executive Committees, as well as through motions to Sector, Policy and Rules Conferences.

Our policies form the basis of the UNITE that we stand for and that we want to develop. We believe many UNITE members and activists share that vision, and we urge all those that do to uniteNOW! in order to work together and help make this a vision a reality.

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