EC report May 2017

Category : News Stories   |   Date : Friday, 12 May , 2017

SPECIAL MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Unite Now EC Report 1pm Monday 8th May 2017.

1. Apologies & Leave of Absence requests. There was a reasonable turn out for a special EC meeting with most of the newly elected delegates in attendance.

2. Election of the Chair. Tony Woodhouse was elected as Chair of the council.

3. Report on Unite elections. The General Secretary welcomed all EC delegates old & new & informed the new council that they had an interesting & difficult 3 year term ahead of them. The Chief of Staff informed the council that they were still awaiting the decision of the returning officer regarding the Welsh Regional seat. ERS had mistakenly added the female candidate to the ballot paper who has already been elected unopposed and therefore should not have appeared on the ballot paper. This had caused confusion and as a result it was most likely that this ballot would have to be re-run. Apart from the Welsh seat the new council was then ratified.

4. Report on the General Election. The GS informed the council that the Tories had set a budget for the election campaign of around £20M which they already had from wealthy donors. The LP had no such donors anymore & were therefore solely reliant on the Trade Unions to donate. The GS went on to say that other unions such as the GMB & Unison’s Political fund were empty from the last General Election & believed they had several years to replenish their funds before the next election. The Labour Party were looking to raise around £14m for their campaign. The GS said that other Trade Unions had to take their responsibility & therefore we would look into the possibility of assisting our sister unions out. After the question was asked by a Unite Now delegate about the Politcal Fund, It was stated by the GS that Unite had around £13M currently in our Political Fund.  It was proposed that initially we would donate £2.5M to the Labour Party with some discretion for the GS to give additional money if he felt it necessary to do so but within reason. This was unanimously accepted by the Council. Notably, a Socialist Worker Party delegate proposed giving the LP any amount they required in a bid to get Jeremy elected.

5.A.O.B. None